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83hades – gangang lyrics


[verse 1: 83hades]
know i got my gun we keep them sticks with us
all day lil bro know i slap b-tches
put some money on his head, he gone add it up
for my bros i gotta keep one tucked i’m not lettin’ up
you gone meet my motherf-ckin’ barrel make you touch the moon
all these f-ckin’ bands in my rocks in these bl–dy trues
out here in the kitchen b-tch i’m whippin’ up some dirty soup
in the sp-ceship purple beams on this motherf-ckin’ two

[verse 2: 83hades]
glizzy on my waist, put that heat to your face
i know you been movin’ weight that’s why i came with a “k”
it’s a robbery follow me give me all your cash like a lottery
you’re a dollar tree, drugs all inside of me
smokin’ on some pottery
if he pull up then we get to harry potterin’
askin’ where you gang is at gone like my tolerance
he don’t want no smoke i can bet that he will fold
b-tch this choppa make him pigeon toe
put that 40 on your nose
all this smoke
better stop drop and roll ’cause we slaughtering
garden on my wrist so i water it
your hoe she be swallowin’
with my gang that’s squad’n’em
f-ck you f-gs who copyin’
shootin’ at your head with these hollow tips
at these females hollerin’
see a body droppin’ it
f-ck it then i’m poppin’ it
he gone get his -ss wacked
got the semi in the back
get the strap
unload out the mac
watch his body fall back