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888 (band) – young and in love lyrics


at last you can’t ignore the taste of skin
it’s so intoxicating, it’s liberating
you move right through the door into my bed
it’s like this seat was empty
our pockets empty
bring forth this cataclysm
wash away my temporary tunnel vision
these cigarettes are coffin nails
and still i smoke them like they’re healthy
or not

we were young and in love
we don’t have to explain
let the world p-ss by
it’ll die anyway

at last you can’t ignore the cost of living
you’re incorporated for information
and the elevator door, it only opens once it’s like i’m crazy
but they’re all crazy
you’ve all this superst-tion
all these ghosts and ghouls outside your window
they’re near the head now
our silhouettes are getting close
i close my eyes to stop the staring
but no one’s staring


clothes come off and hit the floor
at last you can’t ignore