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8alin – patiopage (intro) lyrics


why do i feel the need to be great but my mind gravitate to the things that make me a disgrace to the taste of the people?
the feeling seeping in late in the night when i’m getting inspired and tryna stay quiet and peaceful
wanna hop in my ride to the stu wit the homies but lonely and stoney is frequent
throwing away all my feelings and healing if you want to press skip just let me vent
cus the pressure of life is apparent

smoke a spliff and then look to the sky
i’m remembering why
why i want to survive
no i’m not suicidal
just hungry and striving
for more than a d-mn 9-5

unmotivated and feeling degraded
only from self is the hatred
no celebrations
no happy belated
can only be healed by displacement

i know the first track is the one heard the most
so i’ll start with some real sh-t and try not to boast

it’s the album, here we go