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8ball – street dreams lyrics


let the church say amen
i say uhh, let the church say amen
(can i get a moment of yo’ time?)

yeah, e’rybody got a dream
how you wanna live, who you wanna be
big, house, hot, cars
rap, version, rock, stars
give, back, love where you come from
soon as you get a piece e’rybody want some
feels so cold when you gotta say no
the crew gon’ sink if the boat don’t float
baby girl, american woman
ruin her type just to get to the money
the poppa don’t know his kids
out in the street tryin to get what’s his
when it’s all gone, what’chu gon’ do
j.c. he the only one you can turn to
never give up, never lose hope
i ain’t gotta be a pimp and i ain’t gotta sell dope mayne

[chorus – montana trax]
at night i pray to god, but when he gets mad it’s hard
but i keep pushin knowin that sh-t down the boulevard
every day is real, everybody’s got a dream
but watch your back, when you’re out here runnin in the streets

life of a rap star, what i chose
s-x with hoes i never seen befo’
cars and clothes, drank and ‘dro
expensive stones, pills below
lights on me when i hit the stage
hot sixteens what keep me paid
ice my wrists, then ice my t–th
frank gold chain holdin up my piece
put some back for the kids and wife
goin broke bein nice, got my business right
ay ’94 i had wranglers on
now i put them all in the danger zone
yellow corvette, black seats and wheels
freeze your chick with that rolls royce grill
somebody’s son lookin up to me
like “d-mn~! he right where i need to be”


[montana trax]
my life is real, take this flight
picture me in a gt snow white
picture montana on a real–ss trip
with a real bad chick in a two-seater whip
hood, star, bad, behavin
m-team, big bank, r.i.p
shiny wrists, shiny chain
roll with the havenots, that be me
most of my dawgs don’t deal with rap
they get paid with the work in the trap
birds, flock, down, south
pimpin get jammed up, close yo’ mouth
lane, switchin, grain, grippin
pearl white cadillac, vogues pimpin
ridin with that cash flow
hustle make that cash grow

[singers – repeat 4x]
street dreams are made of these
everybody’s, lookin for somethin

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~! {-5x with ad libs-}
made of theeeeeeeeeeese