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8ball & mjg – intro (comin’ out hard) lyrics


straight outta orange mound, memphis, n-ggas
tennessee in this m-th-f-cka
got the sh-t going on for your -ss, n-gga
this sh-t is thick as hinds, n-gga
pimps, p-i-m-p
the sh-t that most m-th-f-ckas thought was dead
well, b-tch, i got some news for your -ss
the pimps gon’ rule the nation in ‘93
t-money is in this m-th-f-cka
j.e. is deep off in this m-th-f-cka, my n-gga 8ball
y’all hoes better look out ‘cause we getting them b-tches, mayne
pimpin’ these b-tches
mjg, yeah, that’s me, i’m in the m-th-f-ckin’ house
don’t y’all n-ggas f-ck up and get put in that clique
‘cause the m-th-f-ckin’ pimps don’t play
i want all y’all, all y’all m-th-f-ckas to know
that we comin’ out hard, hahahaha…
that’s it, mayne…that’s it…hahaha…
the pimps gon’ rule the nation in ‘93