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8lak3_ – never never wished lyrics


smoking some weed on a friday morning
looking flamboyant like a electric dorian
got no time still ain’t picked a carurr
saying maybe music works out, ara i swear

now i’m heading out at like 4 in a day
only to hit a couple birdies and prolly some g+ys
not that they need it, though they probably believe it
straight stuck up and lying on surveys but ay

i’m not so conscious
that’s why you gonna see me with at least one of handles
find you poking round like pocahontas
but imma find you with at least one of those scandals

crack heads and long sleeves gone running wild
everyone’s braindead but no ones smiles
cause i ain’t gotta act no holier than thou
but gain a 50 piece and find some chow but now

im so self conscious
just like big zuko imma rap catharsis
rollies and rappеrs ain’t make no money
but i drop some golf now, you look at mе funny, wow
tell me that dont lead to wonder
small rappers running round, but at least they younger
three years, disappears, still ain’t got no numbers
fl!cking the lights, nosferatu slumbers

headphones can only cover up the sounds, your inner head
but you can’t hide the fact some point you are bitter dead
“just go on and on and on” that’s what yo mama said
but you won’t live long enough to see this bread

too bad i just wanna vibe
don’t even know the time
the clocks is just a number with a loud ass chime
but if you don’t follow that i guess it’s a crime
i think i’m starting to run out of things that rhyme

you have to follow stupid rules your put in to show
but you don’t even know
laws are way too low

one wrong move and the police might blow
but you were way to slow
your left buried in the snow

one at time we will see people fall
humanity’s pretty f+ck can we save it all?
i don’t think we can we should just cry and bawl
sometimes just an acorn can end it lol
life’s too short to live alone
but your always thought to chill and just take it slow
but the gears on your brain seem to keep going and going
so stress and anxiety are just a part of what are your showing

it’s been a long day, turn on k.a.a.n and chill out
sh+t gives me inspiration, takes away that big drought
always on my phone so i’m never lonely
rap lyrics in my head, that’s that one and only, homely

homey phone me
betrayed, john mahoney
josh meyer lookin round like he done known me
but i bet he doesn’t cause i’m on estrone

bro please, call up phoney little
lonely losers who claim they ain’t got no money
but then they gon claim that they went to kyung hee
funny, these rappers funny

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