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9henom – questions lyrics


[verse 1]
ace of hearts, i thought
these feelings i could’ve fought
i never know where i’m going, i don’t remember my god
i don’t remember the time, i never said i was mike
i never said i was right, i never said i was kind
i feel what’s deep in my heart, i think what’s gone in my mind
i think i’m going insane, just kidding i think i’m fine
i never know what to say, i’m scared of crossing the line
i just wanna be great, well, it all comes in due time

but why, why?
but why, why?

[verse 2]
i think i’m my own worst enemy, the devil sent for me
don’t know what’s best for me, definitely
this is a special occasion, never do know what to say
never i know what i’m saying, i never do know where i’m going
just want you to tell me the place
f-ck you and ya mama, f-ck all the drama
man, f-ck all this sh-t while i spit in your face
throw your hands up, let me hear you say ay
throw your hands up, let me hear you say ay

got tricks up my sleeve, yeah
sipping on that lean, yeah
i’m just playing games, yeah
that ain’t really me, yeah
f-ck all the police, yeah
shoot at me two, three, yeah
smoke a blunt in suburbia, out here smoking trees, yeah

fugazy, fugazi
these n-ggas can’t stop me
i’m rolling that ganja, i’m rolling on molly (please)
i’m holding it down and i do it by proxy
you think you can stop me?
nah, n-gga just watch me
i’m gone (please)
i’m gone