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9yoshii_sidewayz – tha last demon lyrics


{ introduction lil’yoshii; this that sick, sick, sick sh+t b+tch ahah death threat records young nino.. yeah

{ verse one lil’yoshii; got tha devil by my side he weigh it up i pass it out…
last time i went to church i shot it up & burnt it down i’m not sorry if i offended you, you could sit there b+tch & pout told yo dead brother he a b+tch as i brought tha ” ouija ” out all i think about is ” death ” & wonder what h+ll is all about y’all thought i was gone but nope i hang w/ large crowd’s i f+cked yo b+tch & her panocha squrit so i called her
“water spout ”
y’all say you gone
” k!ll me ”
but it’s nada to worry about i got demons that’ll f+cking lash out body bag ya & lay ya tha f+ck out!!! i ain’t saying you ain’t on it i just hope y’all know what i’m about i’m finna call a
” tooley ” up like ” micky mouse ” you say you want smoke? well then let’s link up at my f+cking demons house all my demons & i are with tha sh+t will k!ll yo ass & sn+tch yo f+cking life & leave no f+cking withness as i run up in yo place put a pistol up in yo face got you begging for yo life you even did it twice with a f+cking knife in yo chest haha……

{ verse two figure of speech; shrink after shrink week after week
i don’t trust a soul & they wonder why i’m on tha brink i did what i was told
i took all of their drugs became numb & started to like what i’d become imagine living life void
of emotion & methodically walking tha path already chosen
then realizing you might be different it’s eye opening it’s amazing tha first few years then there’s that moment when you accept it you’re connected
to something different than tha rest an yes it’s aggressive & excessive but swears to relieve my stresses so i gave in
my neighbor i hate him so i didn’t protest i took a knife from tha shelf approached his doorbell
an then we pressed it from there all i remember is dismembering him in tha tub what really stuck
was how much i loved cutting him up that was tha first time i ever let go i felt free as f+ck!!!