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a boogie wit da hoodie & don q – free da guys (skit) lyrics


a boogie: ayo p what up n-gg-!

caller: ain’t sh-t, a boogie what the f-ck is good my man? bubba what the f-ck is goody flee?


caller: i f-ckin’ miss y’all man they gotta get me out of this sh-t. you y’all think y’all- everybody just been tellin’ me how n-gg-s on the radio, i’m like uhhhh… yo you- n-gg- i f-ckin’ b-mped the radio after i heard that sh-t

a boogie: haha, dead-ss?

caller: yo, f-ck love

don q: yo bro, highbridge the label: volume one about to drop yo

caller: ay yo, you already know. tune in, highbridge the label, volume one. get money man, waste no time man. you already f-ckin’ know man. free me, free my man m5. my man boogie’s out here, b-tches twerkin’ man. westside takeover man, if you don’t know now you know. free the guys n-gg-, get money

a boogie: free the f-cking gang man

caller: get the f-ck up out your feelings n-gg-. get some f-cking money

a boogie: those my brothers, so if i got it they get anything from me!

caller: they get anything from me!

a boogie: uh-huh! haha

caller: same balmains for a week, b-tch think i’m b-mmy

a boogie: they cost 1700 man, they can’t think you b-mmy bro. hahahaha!

caller: yo, free my f-ckin’ n-gg-s bro!