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a boogie wit da hoodie – foreigner (reference) lyrics


808 melo
trap house mob
this is a melo beat

[verse 1]
hoodie on, it get scary
bl++dy mary, bl++dy mary
christian dior i need more
don’t do saint laurent anymore
yeah, na+na+na, let it off
yeah, let’s go
yeah, forty+five in my drawers
and they say i sound like a dog, hah
on god, i’ma fraud
i was in all the stores
i bought every hermes scarf, yeah
do you feel me?
thousand pair of mike amiris
but i still need more
i could go on and on, yeah
i ain’t even gotta talk, yeah
chopper go na+na+na

[instrumental bridge]
[verse 2]
hoodie on with a semi
young n+gga with a richie
young n+gga with a richie
the richie the one that had came with thе big head, n+gga, jimmy
headshot, that’s a jimmy
big dawg in my city
k!ll a opp in this b+tch
red dot to hеr titty, yeah

[open verse]



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