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a human his stds – white lies lyrics


sometimes it seems like i can’t get away, from these people and their lies. its like their too f-cking afraid, to honestly live their lives. sh-t-talking to the left
sh-t-talking to the right
do-si-do now, grab your partner and pick a fight. punkers and their fashion, husbands and their wives, i’m surrounded by f-cking, white lies. you gotta admit it to yourself, and live it in your life. honesty and kindness is worth the f-cking strife. dead bare branches blacking out the light, its a suffocating forest, of your verbal blight. try to get out, it’ll tear at your flesh, rip at your face. talk your way out, but you’ll never leave without disgrace.
how many friends have you earned, with a backstabbing embrace?
how much respect have you gained, while trying to save face?
how much love, have you felt from f-cking lying?
none from me