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a place called hell – no shimmering heaven i lyrics


the ghost of three slaves said it all looks the same/ and remixing negro spirituals will not ease your pain/ so dry your eyes and keep singing in the rain/ you won’t leave babylon if you leave it up to fate/ the hand of god’s a closed fist so eat it off his plate/ you wanna keep your name? well, son, peace is not the way/ run, n+gga, run but it won’t keep off the weight/ the new cost of reparations not worth the wait/ cuz fake love is worse than hate/ don’t give your life to be treated like a person for a day/ curse me to my face/ at least i know my place/ at least i hold my race/ you know the one you let get stolen as prey/ black jokes slide when this month’s rent gotta pay/ black folks die like they chose a nameless grave/ shameless to the ways/ shapeless and afraid/ you rely on white wage for a pagan holiday/ you are not the only one, i’m just restoring stolen pages/ poking at a frayed stitch, you know how to lane switch/ you know how to cheat them all, claiming that you made it/ but i see your anguish/ i can see you’re hurt but can’t save you/ it’s no brakes when you’re searching for a break through/ do what you can and pray they sing your praises/ you’re in more danger than your whole race is/ your guilt stacks up like bodies on a slave ship

it looks, it feels like h+ll (4x)

“police sirens just mean justified violence”/ said the ghost of a black teen looking me in the iris/ try’na keep open my eyelids stood in silence/ my window’s been stuck, how the f+ck did this guy climb in?/ he keeps cold in the climbing climate/ red eyes i keep sweating on my eyelids/ he said “what i say is not surprising/ they’ll pass you a noose til you’re three feet high and rising/ so lash out to keep from crying/ keep your blackness down to keep from dying/ wanna convince the people, keep trying/ i quits searching from freedom, i was denied it/ now i’m lifeless cuz a n+gga stole diamonds and i look just like him/ i’m teakwood brown, that motherf+cker was light skinned/ the club to my back was like two strikes of lightning/ taser to the ribs cuz they all thought i was lying/ my f+cking heart exploded in a pool of blood i’m lying/ the future ain’t bright enough to see how you’ll be dying/ it’s all bad apples you get poisoned by the ripest/ hoisted by some white men”/ the force feels sorta poltergeist+ish/ “they’ll k!ll us all for sport and won’t remember your name in the slightest/ it’s a game of cat and mices/ each corner is a trap in disguises/ at least in prison cells times flying/ the bottom of the well is a great place for hiding/ i wish i knew that when i heard police sirens.”

the spirit of myself said nothing/ shivering and thrashing looking like he was crumping/ a million thoughts running had to keep them all m+ffled/ lips cracked, bald head, corner of his eyes crusted/ rips in his clothes and his tight shoes busted/ shaky voice said “is this the god you trusted?”/ barely a voice left and his voice sound dusted/ “answer the f+cking question.” both of my knees buckled/ i was speechless he broke the silence with a chuckle/ “you leave babylon, you get stuck in the honeysuckle/ 5pm in the shadows you fall in love in the stubble/ the suicide net breaks when you start to stumble/ it’s faces to forget, illusions you gotta humble/ the hatchets you bury excavated in the rubble/ you live in fear and die trying to keep it all subtle/ digging up the past get hit with hit with the same shovel/ cuz you’ll betray your mother and poison your own brethren/ bullet wound where it used to say 37/ all roads are low roads where you are headed/ cuz you’ll curs god and scared that you meant it/ all them cheap thrills so god d+mn expensive/ all of these hill are still guided by dead men/ one bad apple leaves the garden for a second/ didn’t know the cost til it caught me in the trenches/ the name that you’ll die for still worth defending?/ you thought you could hide when you put up all the fences/ the air cannot save you, you’ll still die breathless/ i give you a message; i fought enough demons to know there ain’t no shimmering heaven.”

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