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a.y.a (jp) – white lines lyrics



take my hand slowly
look into my eyes little more closely
let’s start it from there honey
yeah, i’m talking to you mr. lonely

[verse 1]
internet-born mutant
to me, boy, you’re like an alien
we’re so different
but we may have something in common
tell me what you afraid of
if you have been hurt before
lemme see your scars
i’ll heal them all
i’ll heal them all

come into me
come into me
come into me
f-ck me “so goo”, yeah
love me “so goo” (oh, oh)
i’ll draw a heart with white lines
our love got no deadlines
take a hit baby
all night long

[verse 2]
i wish if i could be with you
i know your history
i know who you used to be
all your bad habits
stuff in your pockets
still, i desire you
i’m into you


ah ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah
come into me