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a$ap ferg - more than u know freestyle lyrics


yeah, uh

turtle neck with the blazer, bumpin’ anita baker
[?] frames, i pulled out the [?] gators
yeah, we do it major, chicks flown in from asia
god answer prayers, thank you
it’s more than new jewels and the new baguettes
ain’t about a wrist watch and a new patek
couple homies locked, i’m still gettin’ calls collect
lawyer tellin’ ’em it’s (more than you know)
had to see a therapist ’cause i’m mad stressed
paranoia creep in when you rap checks
a lot of n+ggas burnt out from the access
man, i’m telling you it’s (more than you know)
uh, i guess that’s why yams had to pop pills
stay sedated from all them n+ggas that’s not real
i’m never faded, i’m bossed up gettin’ guap for real
i did a deal worth a couple (more than you know)
uh+huh, that’s we sip mo’ when we toast to life
’cause tomorrow ain’t promised, so go and live your life
if you got a guilty conscience, then you live in trife
man, you gotta get it right, yeah
a mill’ in taxes, i’m in a different bracket
hangin’ out with bella but still in love with the ratchets
i’m the king of harlem just here preserving the pastors
ferg forever lasting, yeah
dinner with [?] sitting with some model broads
talking philanthropy next to marc anthony
strategize plays to build wealth for the family
why you probably never hear from me, yeah
still in harlem, the right house ain’t on the market yet
just told my moms i’ma have to hire an architect
remain humble but really, i’m the hardest yet
you still [?] sleep n+ggas

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