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abach – process lyrics



agent a box as sp-cious, faith in no sun on waitin
come face it, a latte ey whats a game when your off a playlist

namin’ one it’s a no if it goes makin sense
ate to live since whole things painted

dreamin’ big i see i ain’t miss a major note
he’s re envisioned to keep that pace at the basic goal
brain unfolds, real image eyes see it when they’re cold
i’m healing the pain to show my peak when the ankles hold

they is made of mold and controlled summed digits
faded on a what drug in em n’ i make it up on decisions like makin’ up on decisions
rake what i can get this ain’t a way to win your wants or a day to ones, your fixation i’m tamin’ it from my brain i

reason these ends, can peak to there, a lance i’ll shoot it
air moves in the wind, he is where then it’s a use n’
i deal these demons in my head magnesium through with it
one for the better, one for depression it is a useful pick

goin on out i’d dig pith then ditch in awe, clouded nomes
logan tokin’ far now thine sick in an ick when the sap is covered
aloud in depiction, if it to him was actually judgein’
huh, just out in a figment into what i can accomp-ss

gettin’ this all writtin i stick it in for the stars
and i’m on it if then was like simple implements when it’s hard
finishin this approach, dip the pen in a note
givin in when i won i am ended since in a start

everything’s processed, barely mates are the product
carry weight in tons where the very same is not just
ferry came in waters kenneth faried in takin’ hard dunk
just off a rate, bounce when hit placed a board it’s raisin’ the market up

timid weather it’s barracuda with flowers on the byas
riddin’ kids in crews and for the different prices
pay, bit forward myself on down the little dos and sit in pride
nick in a minor hit which gets in a mile to finish