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abj – imma b me lyrics


[verse one: abj]
imma make a jump start on my career, 2016 it’s finally here. used to do good in school ’till my freshman year. getting’ noticed by harvard and stanford, all that is over now. i lost my motivation ain’t no reconsideration of this undeniable underestimation. they disregarded me, subsided me, cast me aside and forgotten me. they left me there wondering what to do and who to be. i said eff y’all n-ggas imma do me
[chorus abj]
imma b, imma, imma b me. i won’t just be anybody i wanna be somebody. imma, imma b, imma, imma b, me
[verse 2: abj]
all my hatin’ n-ggas tryna bring me down to their level. i tell ’em no i ain’t the freaking devil. i’m a real n-gga, i keep it 100 n-gga, i ain’t no fake n-gga, i ain’t playin’ n-gga, you a hatin’ n-gga, stop playin’ n-gga. this is real life
[chorus: abj]
imma b, imma, imma, b me, aye. i won’t be anybody imma be somebody cause imma b, imma b, imma, imma b me
[verse 3: abj]
i’m being told that world war 3 is coming, i ain’t got time to prepare. i’m only 14 and i’m unaware of the dangers and the strangers. we don’t have any power rangers. i may seem useless but i’m not clueless. the world ain’t got no color its hueless. i only got one wish and my one wish is that i make money from this, i don’t need an air kiss. i have a life full of bliss
cause i’m your everyday joe doing normal things havin’ fun and playing temple run. cause i’m not you i’m just being me