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abysmal torment – wretched stagnant blood lyrics


soaking wet in rancid fetor
initiation of pointless life
fighting through lose tissue
to impregnate the lungs with air
unborn killing the mother to seek life
womb inner walls reduced to shreds
contractions swell hemorrhaging
around the fragmenting tumorous m-ss
still living inside the dying carc-ss
immersed in wretched stagnant blood
decrepit mother life bled out of her
the comforting wish to see her child
a futile dream, her legs lay still
extended, divaricated but corpselike
eyes fixed on a spray of brown droplets
trailed along the gray walls of the ward
loosing focus as she’s drained of life
behind the masking smell of disinfectant
a morbid odor brews: wretched stagnant blood
tiny prisoner evading the death bound confinement
twisting and churning finding anchor through the scr-ps
gripping hands tugging at the fragile form
emerging enshrouded in wretched stagnant blood
amid resounding tortured screams
void eyes go blind as she surrenders to her fate