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ace_berry – romeo lyrics


yeah, yeah
i swear before thanksgivin i used to uncover a lot of sores through my music
sh-t might be hard to believe in
but i never thought about how y’all would receive it
watchin my feelin’s go down the drain and you actin like you tried to save em yet you let em sink in
designer clothes no heart on my sleeves
suffocatin, too vulnerable to breath in
my biggest fear’s somebody else’s achievement
doctor’s occupation for treatment
remedy for all your sickness
mistaking my kindness for weakness
relentless but i’m exhausted
you still ain’t had enough of me yet
i can tell by the way you showing to my door step
either you be good or you be great
but never romeo relationships are toxic
you know the boy’s fantastic, perfect everytime like tastic
visions getting manifested
songs getting first degree murder its premeditated
you know how its like to have your girl comin over to your spot for the first time and don’t hit, second time and still
you sure third time is a charm but still couldn’t hit
i hung up the next booty call
like vans it was off the wall
i was on my health check list like nike i jus had to do it
if you love me know you gotta prove it
gotta have something to show for it
’cause people don’t say what they mean they read it from a blog next minute it gets quoted
nothing is as good as it seems and you know it

hardly post a girl i’m in a relation’ with
not these hoes you always see me in pictures with
belfies get your attention
that -ss really looks like it could glitter but its jus the make up, angle and filter
my shawty hotta than a heater
hard for you to sweep her off her feet cause i always got her legs up
heroine she always save us
she supernatural with no make up

n-gga where my julie at?
n-gga where my juliet?
n-gga where my julie at?
n-gga where your juliet?
where your juliet?
where your julie at? n-gga?