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aces over kings – steve bradley lyrics


you know him well
he’s got a story to tell
he’s mysterious like ‘the blaze’

he would sit in his shop
he’d stare at the clock
no ‘custies’ yet today

all that we know, is he lived all alone
i guess girls don’t like wigs

he ate power bars and watched movie stars
did you eat at port of subs today?

steve bradley, you’ll always be king
steve bradley, we know you wear a wig
steve bradley, you always put on a show
steve bradley, please tell us where did you go?

store was always hot
he worked out a lot
store special was always disc

when christmas time came
the mall wasn’t his game
“i do all my shopping right over there”

when you’re at home
and you sit all alone
what kind of movies do you watch?

do you prefer to watch ‘rambo’
but somehow watch ‘rambone’
now you know that’s kinda what i thought


remember when those guys came in
he thought they were theives told them no shopping

remember ‘the steves’ the laserdisc sleeves
expensive posters, little magazines

remember his chair, his greasy hair
the notes that he wrote, the deli’s right over there