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acid death – convict 655321 lyrics


in every thought and movement
shadows stand silent and speechless
they wait to be born in light
cause this world belongs to what i call fright

i have felt the love rise up with wrath
behind your sight i saw a sneak attack
you sucked every drop of pride remained
so i can be as hard as h-ll
taste the water of my poisoned well

who are you? let me guess
look me in the eye-i bet you can’t
i’ll summon all the fool’s bliss
i’ll give you the green angel’s kiss

you’re too weak for me
i’m too strong for you
play my game and be my p-wn
this is my night!
this is my day-i’ll laugh as loud as i can
behind the ashes of reprisal
you’ll never forget

you wiped of all my emotions
and know in a moment’s sp-ce
p-ssion overheads limits
this is what someone is afraid of…
a naked man, armed with a bomb…

convict 655321…