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ad astra per aspera – the romantic one lyrics


i believe you
we believe you
we believe you, now

we’re learning the pace
we’re learning the pace
it’s a step, balance, a set back, now step, balance, sidestep, restrain.

there’s a man we know
we see him
we froze
we stab at the dark
we rebuild the ark
but nothing can save us
we spent all our money
our fortune replaced

pardon me i hate to bother but can we please stop
i’d like to change

fixing a problem
attach the blame
establish a motive
submit a name

i’ve been thinking in angles
i’ve been speaking in shades
i’ve been tasting the sounds we found
too afraid
i hate to scream
about abstractions
i don’t believe
so life me from below
and hang me up
on the palm-wood gallows

we said it all
we set it up