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adam gubman – wishing well (ft. kevin odekirk) lyrics


when two sisters slandered a testy enchanter
he repaid with a spell of regret
thus the older they grew
and the farther they wandered
the more were their hearts heavyset
“if only” is h-ll, heav’n is “oh well”

one day elder nell put behind her the spell
and she swore her an oath to the stars:
that she’d now roam the kingdom
and warn one and all
not to waste life as she’d wasted hers
“if only” is h-ll, heav’n is “oh well”

had i known (oh), had i dared (oh)
had i shown, had i shared
had i tried, had i cared

had we grown (oh), unimpaired (oh)
i’d have wished us “be well,”
i’d have not wished you farewell instead

but the thought that was given
the younger fair maiden
was ill thought
can be understood

“this is not what i planned
yet i am where i am
and all this is golden and good.”
“if only” is h-ll, heav’n is “oh well”

so beware what you tell to the old wishing well
when in vain you wish not well at all
your requests are first granted, the seed that you planted
supplants what was safe, what was calm

to quell what befell of the h-ll that you made
don’t dwell in the spell that your anger had swayed
be afraid of the price for revenge you have paid
go away, and set free all your pain..

“if only” is h-ll, heav’n is “oh well”