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adam sandler – 7 foot man lyrics


7 foot man

we just wrote this song on the bus the other day so just sit back and relax

i’m the 7 foot man,
i’ve commited no crime,
b-mping my head into doorways,
it happens all the time,
i’m 7 feet tall,
and i repeat,
they dont make a ski boot that can fit my feet,
i’m 7 feet tall,
and i dont play basketball,

i’m 7 feet tall,
but i’m still just a man,
so of course it hurts me a lot,
when i walk into the ceiling fan,
small people say i wish i was him,
but its been nine years since i’ve had a trim,
the barber says,
i cant reach the top of his head,

7 foot man,
(ha ha)i cannot hide,
7 foot man,
i know cause i’ve tried,
7 foot man,
my last girlfriend died,
because my p-n-s,
is 7 foot wide!!!!!!!!!

so the next time you see me,
walking around,
and my head is right about to hit a tree branch,
tell me to duck down,
and i’ll pay you back ,
soon you will see,
by getting you frisbee down from that tree,
i do what i can,
i’m the 7 foot man,

7 foot man,
7 foot man