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adam sandler – buddy lyrics



[moving train]
“next stop! coopersville!”

[two guys talking]
“hey buddy”
“how was the bathroom buddy, pretty gruesome?”
“buddy, i had to hold my breath buddy!”
“eheh buddy, don’t even tell me about it buddy!”
“buddy i know.”
“buddy, m&m’s?”
“chocolate me, buddy!… tasty buddy!”
“buddy definitely”
“hey get in on this drink buddy!”
“buddy, don’t mind if i do”
“it’s a bl–dy, buddy”
“buddy, it’s killer!”
“sorry buddy”
“save me some buddy!”
“buddy i said i was sorry!”
“that’s ok buddy”

[two more guys enter]
“hey dude!”
“hey buddy!”
“dudes, you know this dude?”
“what’s up dude?”
“hey buddy”
“buddy, sit down”
“have some bl–dy buddy”
“dudes, here’s a sixer, budweiser time”
“yeah, bud buddy”
“yeah dude”
“cold ones dude”
“buddy, killer!”
“i’m buzzing buddy!”
“dude, i know!”
[female walking by]
“oh dude, check it, she’s killer!”
“i want some of that buddy”
“oh buddy, save some for me”
“dude, that’s my ex-girlfriend”
“oh, sorry buddy”
“just watch it dude!”
“hey lay off him buddy”
“dude, don’t get him started”
“i said i was sorry buddy”
“dude, let’s just drop it”
“it’s cool dude”

[two more guys enter]
“hey homey’s”
“what’s up homeys?”
“hey buddy”
“what’s up dude?”
“just chillin’ homey”
“cool buddy”
“yeah dude”
“dude, check it out, a prison”
“oh buddy, imagine being stuck in there”
“i know dude, that would suck”
“homey, my brother is in there”
“oh buddy”
“sorry about that dude”
“b-mmer buddy”
“bad timing homey”
“i know buddy”
“sorry dude”
“not your fault homey”
“i know, but buddy”
“no, it’s cool homey”

“dude, there’s another train on this track”
[sound of another train]
“uh buddy, it’s coming at us”
[train h-rn sounding]

[trains crashing]
“buddy, my head”
“homey, get off me”
“buddy, i can’t see”
“what just happened to us dude?”
“homey, i told you, we should have taken the bus!”