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adam sandler – voodoo lyrics



hey there mr. leaf blower man
keep it down for goodness sake
it’s way too early in the morning
can’t you please use your wooden rake?
you choose to ignore i
even though me hungover
that’s not being nice
so tonight, your head will be covered in lice

voodoo spell on you
voodoo voodoo
you shouldn’t have given that dirty stare
voodoo voodoo
too late for sorry, go cut off your hair

hey there old, old woman
shopping for food at the store
why’d you run your cart into i
and knock me eggs on the floor
then took the last unbruised cantelope
and laughed so loud with glee
but you won’t be laughing
‘cuz from now on it’ll burn when you pee

voodoo spell on you
voodoo voodoo
you couldn’t have made i any madder
voodoo voodoo
that’s why i put a curse on your bladder

boodaloo boodalay
boodalee boodalie
are the words that he say
when you f-ck with i

hey there mr. state trooper
me was only going 58
please don’t you write up that ticket
it’ll ruin me insurance rate
you say you have a quota to meet
so straight to h-ll with i
me have only one response
boodalee boodalie

voodoo spell on you
voodoo voodoo
you cost i 80 dollars cash
voodoo voodoo
me hope you like your new skin rash

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