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aesop rock – odessa lyrics


(feat. dose one)


[aesop rock (dose one):]
(well or, and this is, new york city)
where the shiftiest sources leak out the back door
for more and this is new york city
(oh, i see these hear walk
i, simply a shade of shepherd
seems we share fate, honestly)
oh, now wait a minute
i notice there making mockeries of mad men
tend not to bend in the honesty
my twenty thousand leagues ending grants sardonic, the sea
(the view from this here segue crowds a listeners nothing special simply
listeners, how we dissolve it’s spores and i’ll tell you not flying)
and i live beneath the scenic yeah, where the fossils pledged allegiance
where the centipedes and serpents bigot on territorial disagreements,
the uprooted turned booty and hacked pleasure to skinny ribbons and i’ll
suckle my skull caught beneath -ssumptions pumping pistons
(left the joke to wick, it,
he walks whose out now, we, aesop walls up)
we tune out the pouts of hiding,
twilight street merchants, we, deity freely and been here before…

[dose one (aesop rock):]
murder, of holy, in cushion
partisan, part of the ceiling seems to be leaking, oh, oh, it’s the wall
forbid box been broken, from man of everywhere, that’s what i sleep, i love you
it’s not easy tying knots, whose paycheck may get rained
outstanding i shall smudge, invest, it’s dull here, since we need i go beyond
grey, lonely, this forest is very very different,
friend hail things like magnets all the way meant was (it only takes one slacker)
traveling up, it only takes one slacker

[aesop rock:]
it only takes one slacker, to attack a lack, gritty and complies with time
with regulations poachers poaching just to jump the batteries
i’m juiced, noosed father, no dissed deduce
by the ambiance of motives and the modus operandi’s
i’m supportive, sort of here to modify those monsters
tried to side wind pleasure captains round my hip line,
my sit times on some here i lay my bricks alone to build these walls among
us dreams can spread our spores but can i run with the alumnus fungus
after date rape, and it germs, and i burn for less fortunate starlight
chasers forced to use there last match to ward off the glaciers
pack a day profess cloud spitter literate pencifist missed the p-ssed drunk of concert
dull and system missed the funk i’m in a lull

[dose one: overlaps aesop rock’s lines]
i’m thinking of a number from one to red, is a beautiful color
to shade paper hat ink, i’m thinking of a beautiful color…
paper hat

[aesop rock:]
i’m thinking of a number
from one to home, one riduiculous tennament with no wings to spread
i’m home again inside my box of cardboard daze, i’m thinking of home
and i’m home again…

[aesop rock (dose one):]
(funny how, faces show up, waters for me, my mouth and snore)
it could’ve been me but it wasn’t
the crash and burn and burn and crash infected could collect fee indirectly but it doesn’t
(these are broken cards given
to dues missed of friendly lips tied life is going blank, slap look,
it’s mirrored universe and one god per so many square feet, and
everything counts, higher life forms are dirty, dirty aesop, every penny
saved, is this the city of dreams?)
and i’m down to earth
(i’m down to earth, road)
my zero hour snuffed doc, where the marked the day the mirth burns
the time allotted, knotted loops around the plotted, boycotted the wattages
toys for the prodding of the rotting bottled hostage
one time down cloud me as the useless playtime string and think it smirked
worthy well, your with me, from the icicle sweat to the self pity
sickly thread bare slid back my needle point life willow
man i purposely spun straw to gold to lace each last st-tch perfectly
it must have been the dust, the dust, my god, the dust he clutched the
dust, father to rust encrust the luck with which i touch togetherness…
(toy, bird, in my teeth, empathy, dwell, in merciful spring, friend)