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aevum – genesis lyrics


from ashes and dust confusion and treason
a new breath of life emerges from evil
no fear in our minds, no more blood in our hands
together as one, we’ll rise our kingdom

harmony and tranquility
were spread through the wind
warriors of peace

… armors of metal…
… brought our freedom, brothers rise again…

earth, sun and fire
give us freedom
eternal desire
…at the genesis
precious empire
there’s no hero
who can destroy us
…at the genesis

pride traveled through the clouds of heaven
seeking the light, their sons always wanted
fear in our minds, suffering in our souls
destroying our lives, and capturing our freedom

holy blood remind us they stole
our souls from corpse
brothers of light

… you’ll feel the sorrow…
… running through your veins, you will feel the pain…


“…the young kingdom of darkness would start to take form, silently becoming something no one could’ve ever expected…”