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affinity drive – rowan lyrics


even though i don’t see our mother
do you consider me to be your brother?
it’s been, what, four or five years?
i fear i don’t recall the time clear
i love you
although that must seem fake
i’d judge too
but know that i’d love to see your face
am i just a cheap disgrace?
look, life is complex
i hoped the right context might offset the disappointment
but there ain’t no way to twist avoidance
it’s nigh+comical how i let my own nerves conquer my logical choices
as the time pass they grow worse with the mass of the wholе earth
it seems i’ve cast my own curse
rowan, i’m sorry
do you think i’m in a dеranged cult?
or at least a very strange adult?
do you think i hate you and mom?
does it even matter what i wanted to do in thought?
i didn’t make time to see you because of feeling ashamed
without realizing i was sealing my fate
i’m sorry

i love you and i always will

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