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after 7 – cryin for it lyrics


written by babyface
lead vocals: melvin edmonds, kevon edmonds
the first time i saw you
i knew i would fall in love
you filled an empty sp-ce in my heart
and that was rather special
cause i never thought someone
could make me fall in love from the start
the second time i saw you
i knew that i had been whupped
i could not get you out of my mind
and ever since that moment
girl i haven’t been much good
i won’t rest until i know that your’re mine
don’t you hear me crying for it
don’t you see my heart’s on fire
don’t you feel me dying for it
give me my hearts desire
the first time that i saw you
i knew that you were the one
you were everything a man could desire
and i’ve always been the kinda man
to get just what he wants
so please don’t make me out as a liar
the second time i saw you
i just had to have you girl
i’d never seen someone look so good
and ever since that day
i just haven’t been the same
i want you girl and i want that understood
and i won’t be any good
if i can’t have you now
if there’s any way you could
come to me now
i’d give you anything
and i do mean everything
and that means anything you heart desires