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against me – armageddon lyrics



one night we lay beside each other, so close to a sweat
with two fans circling overhead, we sleep on borrowed time
and the traffic lights direct empty roads, the stars can’t break the city sky
but they still try despite what they know is already true
and tomorrow we’ll take aim, just like a storm waiting for a calm
i can feel everything coming in my chest, my heart’s already pounding
my head’s on far-off highways, sixteen years old, on a road that never ends
might drive into something that looks like a sunset,
and it lasts forever, and i never look back
from hoboken to l.a.
from portland to gainesville
from the great plains to niagara
route 66 straight to california
electric lights carry the night
we move in 4/4 time
our feet on wheels and in the sky
yes we’re going cause we’d die if we stayed here
and those dying dreams will carry what’s good, and real, and pure
and the rest can burn in h-ll
and for the four-year-old girl found dead in a dumpster
shot by her mother, her eulogy,
the sound of construction through head-to-head traffic
today is just another day.
and me and my friends are just growing into the drunks
and the liars that we’ve always hated
every shortcoming has trapped us, every mistake is now our own infinite failure
so we steal every chance we get
every advantage is taken when no one’s looking
we hide behind closed doors, and we don’t stop till
we are the people we’ve decided we should be
i wanna be a shot heard round the world, f-cking unstoppable
this distance is not something we’ll regret
between here, and now, and today, and forever, and days after that till the very end