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aghast manor – asylum ’45 lyrics


the night is cold
in her heart burns a fire
she wanders the floor
driven by her tasteless desire
fear amongst the ones in her merciless care
to speak up against her no one would dare

here the unlucky ones
forgotten behind asylum doors
she steps towards her favourite door
on the bed, so thin and so weak
the man has no strength left to even speak
young man, lying naked and alone
delighted she stares at skin and bone

she reaches out to touch his breast
kissing this smooth and lovely chest
her l+st beyond control
she l!cks and she bites, her hand to claw
a beast with prey, she scratches him raw!
to satisfy herself with this innocent boy
pain to pleasure, torture her joy

the dirty sheets turn red underneath
the ecstasy has done the deed
her l+st she is so thrilled
her sick pretty one, oh, she got him k!lled!
she wept, but not for long

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