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airospace – two minutes from heaven lyrics


red team!

[verse 1: jimmy the prophet]
one and only (?)
ha, look
face gone, yea i need another
chainsaws, like to keep them running
i know you n+ggas want a happy summer
but i came back like a grieving brother
bloodstains on the chainsaws
demonic presence at your graveyard (red team!)
bullets high, face gone
blood splatters, i paint walls
satanic rituals and dead dogs
b+tt naked with a bunch of scars
got gold skulls on my marble floors
but you can’t see it cuz’ we close the door
this a private hoe for my maniacs
blood n+ggas on a raise attack
and when we crush bones, leave my fangs attached
see pools of blood, pleasе don’t react
this sh+t is brains, all of my n+ggas is zombies
walking around with a leg
no brain in thеy head, jimmy is dead
n+gga you f+cking with idiots
many of my many men are some lunatics
brain+raging alcoholics of nucleus
hungry for the entertainment of k!lling sh+t
wrap a n+gga in some plastic, dismember him
sickle cell, i got powers like a f+cking mutant
n+ggas really don’t want me to use them
watch me abuse them, got scorch roses
rip his face off, let his brain stall
in his friends like i’m jeffery o’kane
n+ggas really don’t want me as they friends
headshot and you hear it go bang
bang, bang, bang
bang, bang
bang, bang, bang
bang, bang
bang, bang, bang
bang, bang
bang, bang, bang
bang, bang
bang, bang, bang
bang, bang
bang, bang, bang

(sudden death!)

[verse 2: airosp+ce]
racks on, racks on, racks on me
got like 500 and i put that on dee
send like 10 shots through the dark i mean
krueger seen freddy k!lling all of your dreams
b+tch, i lean, huh
b+tch, i’m me
median mode out the range
top and i drop, bullets gon fly
lead in your body
your brain
shawty an astronaut
floating i’m hasselhoff
f+cked on the casting call
now she a grammy award winner, aye
murdered her n+gga, i’m david
i heard he a rapper, but i’ve been the king of this sh+t
swore on the bible that she don’t serve idols
a heathen, no typo, she swing on my d+ck
i got the midas, ain’t no one out like us
the difference in niceness is sp+ce in my ship
i don’t feel none of you n+ggas, them b+tches is narcissists
narcan to end an addict
all of you internet rappers are fake as all f+ck
and i’m here to corrupt on your disc
hooligan drip
know if you push, i’mma t
and your mama got someone to miss
flip and i kick
slide on your b+tch
look at the fl!ck of the wrist
put on my letterman
flyer that i ever been
popping and settling
she wanna come but the link up been tentative
ending my sentiments
ghost, i’m inanimate, aye

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