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aislin – you are fire, i was ice lyrics


say goodbye. we say goodbye. but theres no response, we begin to cry. and you sit so still with your hands cross tight, its not right. ill hold my breath and close my eyes, but its still not right. its not right to end it like this. its not right to say goodbye. its not right we were meant to be. we are back where we swore wed never be. turn back the clock, im coming back, and you just lost, the greatest thing youll ever have. ive become the owner of my own darkness. i couldnt help but look at the picture beside my bed and thought back on our past. i want you to come here to take a second look at this photograph that held every memory of you and i. look at you in your black dress in front of my white wall, but my hands are red. so much for that black and white photo that im glad you came here to see. with a taste of color i have become the owner of my own darkness. its not right. im not saying goodbye. you know we were meant to be

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