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ajaywitabeam – idk what to title this* lyrics



ayyy, we back again
uh, yeah

oh you think this sh+t sweet h+ll nah, it ain’t funny
oh my god some of yall’ too bummy’
get the f+ck away from me i ain’t tryna’ have it rub off
told that b+tch shut the f+ck up yeah she got a loud mouth

uh, uh, yeah i hope that b+tch drown in her own blood
uh uh yeah i can tell from a mile, away you fake as f+ck
uh just wiped your momma bank account, now she broke as f+ck
dumb ass kid, yeah f+ck you and your mom
watch this i’m boutta count to ten (one to ten)

uh one bad b+tch on my side
two big ol’ choppa’s leave you fried
three more shots if that bro lie
four more rounds like we servin’ tennis
five bullets leave that boy lifelеss
six+six+six like i’m the devil’s kid
uh eight timеs they try to k!ll me and they still miss
uh nine times outta’ ten i be doin’ the best

[ginseng strip instrumental]
you a bummy, get ya money, not ya funny up
yeah your broke ass, huh, lookin’ dumb now (uh+huh)
forty to your brain, ain’t up for discussion
totin’ the ak like a russian, run up on me and i’m rushin’
pistol whip, concussion, we can get it bussin’
juggin’ all yo sh+t, you ain’t got nothing
yeah that boy six foot, huh, under
uh huh, ball on that b+tch like the okc thunder (i’m out)

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