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ajj – do, re, me (alternate) lyrics


[intro: spoken word sample]
more quick to condemn the rest of the world
more quick to be- quick to k!ll the rest of the world
that does not think as it thinks
well, i know what i just said
i said that i am the return of the son of my father
i’ll tell you something that’s even more remarkable:
my father came with me this time

[verse 1]
i walked into a room full of corpses
the room all smelled like flowers
there were nikes on their feet
smile under the cloth
good-bye horses!

i gazed into the souls of all the horses
who jumped off all the bridges
in those wild western days
a sp-ceship made of death

do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti
do, re, and me

[verse 2]
i gave into the needs of all my masters
man is the b-st-rd
is a brutal f-cking band
they hate thomas lens

i fell into a coffin full of orphans
they all had been slaughtered
by a website-making man
with music in his heart

do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti
do, re, and me