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akeim takamura – forever lyrics


now this is a story
a story about love
a story about being together and trust
a story about two individuals
who felt like these miracles
were just a pain in the b-tt
that if you had some how picked it up
you could just blow it away just like some dust
thinking that this could only be l-st
but this a story a story bout us
i stop for a little minute
too see if i was breathing
didn’t even know why i was so nervous
but i felt this thing it was special feeling
i couldn’t even wait for the weekend
grabbed my board, had a skate to see them
1am in the the back of the streets then
almost tripped, but i was not leaving
then i got to hers
and i waited at the front
didn’t have much to serve
just expected the worst
all i wanted to do was just run
but i picked up my phone
and gave her a text
look out the front
so then she checked
couldn’t believe her eyes
what a surprise, so she only got half dress
and that’s when i froze
looked down and realize that my heart was exposed
will it explode, i just don’t know
here is a journey i’ve chosen to go
i can see lights, i can see happier nights
even a glow, up in the sky
having a fear that it’s all just a lie
but i’m telling you now, life is all just a ride
see this is how it’s meant to be
this is now our destiny
thinking about you everyday
yes it’s chemistry
do what you want, what you say
yeah i’m mentally
ready especially
when i say all the legacies
my hearts is now pumping
and my mind is now racing
never thought you’ll love me
cause you’re so d-mn amazing
pick up my mic and when i go write
i have you in my mind and it’s so life changing
waiting i can see her hands now shaking
clamming that her feelings are now place in
i can’t wait, i can’t wait for our painting
when i say, you are great, you’ll be gazing
no mistakes, i don’t make, can’t be breaking
then i prey, and i thank, no complaining
i say hey, then someday, we’ll be dating
can not fade, cause we’re made, we’re remaining


and we’re never gonna separate
cause i live with a dream, there’s no better place
don’t you see this is real, we should get away
from the hate this is fate, making better days
and i know when i close my eyes
i think of you, then my soul will rise
no lies
and my flow, that i organize
is from my heart, and it can not die
oh my
oh my, oh my
wait how can this be?
before stuck in a hole with no place to go
now someone is rescuing me
and that’s when i froze
looked down and realize there’s light in my soul
it starting to grow, feeling it blow
here is a journey i’m destined to go
there are no fights, there is no darkness to light
staring to show, all of the hype
having a fear that it’s all in my mind
but i’m telling you now, life is going sky-high


like it’s meant to be, yeah it’s true
you and i, will never stop what we do
haters be getting between me and you
they just can’t believe uh what we do
and what we have
from all the times, that we always laugh
from every little moment, that we hold it with a blast to the past
this picture, is our photograph
that’s, kinda crazy
and i know that you’ll always be here by my side
and my flow that i show is emotional
and i know that it’s gonna be yeah ride till we die
like i, can see a new bright side
before i saw a little tiny little bite size
it’s growing cause we’re showing that we have the right mind
you might find, i might die twice, now time flies
now this is so cleaver
the world goes around in a circle
it’s the circle of life
and we’ll, be, forever