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akir – stop playin lyrics


akir – “stop playin”
[emcee(s): akir]
[producer(s): [?]]

[intro: akir]
yeah. i should have brought some cognac for this track, you nah’mean? [?]. i guess we didn’t have to go through all this, man. stop playing them games, stop playing them games

[verse 1: akir]
yo, yo, just for me to notice the way that you move, you got
to realize you got a brother losing his cool, hot on
the dance floor, smooth. tips on my shoes
is elegant. eloquent, you fit right in my groove
i like your outlook on life, insight, and attitude
get hype, never fight, and just laugh and change the mood like
the sun and the moon, b-tterflies out of coc–n
we consume each other. lately, i’m feeling smothered, so i
try to make it work—though it hurts—and say it first
and, ever since, you’ve been on defense, making it worse
flipping on me one day, telling me to go away. “it’s over”
and, on the next, telling me you want sex. “come over”
and, at the same time, my frame of mind is like
“it’s game time.” off the bench, nigga catching hang time
focused until the fame’s mine. you got me still dealing
with strain, trying to get you off my brain. stop playing them games

[interlude 1: akir]
why they be tripping, man? all the d-mn time. i don’t want to fight with you no more, baby

[verse 2: akir]
yo, uh, uh. she was a vibrant thing
her queen’s move checkmate the king solomon
it’s time again. heineken from five again. me and
cocoa first met as friends. now and then
we would talk, but then the script flipped. [?]
darkness m-ssaging my back. your d-ck lick the hardest
she laughed, saying i’m a game artist, gave me
a kiss. i felt her lips, grabbed her hips, and that was it
quick grabbed for the rubbers. now a slugger
undercover, watching, chasing lyrics, getting ideas
and smash each other in the library, turn and laugh
turn and p-ss. in the bathroom, in the pool, had this
woman g-ssed in excitement. she liked it
the way she ride d-ck, i’m in love with this chick
what girl you know that’s as real as a peep but keep
it elegant when you take the same girl in the streets?
shit’s deep [?]. yo, shit’s changed
new style, new age. to be a player was
the way i was raised. it’s a b–by trap trying to get
the booty smacked. moody cats ratted on akir to mack
cocoa hurted, then she snapped. thought i’d never get
it back but i did. come on, you know the kid
showed up. we broke up. no longer we roll
six months later, i seen her with my man on a stroll

[interlude 2: akir]
d-mn. i don’t believe this shit, man. there’s more fish in the sea, though. stop playing these games (next chick, uh)

[verse 3: akir]
porto roc, almond eyes, said i resembled nas
[?] she said, “nah.” come on, akir’s on the rise
i was young, dumb, full of c-m. shorty type wise
last time i went to town, she said she recognized
and, by surprise, i find myself chilling with catty da
in a dorm room, lamping with my hands on her thighs
pussy tight, shorty right. she hit the books. it was right
k!ller wife and she had the iller looks. i did
a show—you know how that go—after the show
grab some hoes, pour oz., blunts, and [?]
f-cking so much, a nigga need a tourniquet. came back
to catty’s room, laying in the bed with a dirty d-ck
crazy heated, she asked me if i beat it
what the f-ck you dealing with? don’t worry ‘bout what steve did
keep your questions. the lifestyle of a wild ado-
-lescence. i was just coming in my effervescence