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al.divino – spaghetti sauce lyrics


[intro: thehiddencharacter]
yeah! woah (wah+ih), let’s go, son (wo+ah)
it’s like this, yo, ayo (bring!)
ayo (doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot)
check it, ayo, check it, ayo

[verse 1: thehiddencharacter & al.divino]
the .30 pop, the chopper singin’ like eddie levert (brrt)
hoppin’ out the vert, outiside after dust (skrrt!)
kickin’ up this dirt (d+mn), i rack the mac
splatter your brain like spaghetti sauce all on your shirt (brrat)
i hit the pot and stir (woah)
the keep the mass attack, the tec, we tax fiends all on the verse, yessir
i’m a ghetto shaman on my block (woop)
got the cuddies soul searchin’ after they smoke this rock, straight drop (yeah)
hit the product with the razorblade (whip), scr+pe the plate, gettin’ paid
automatic weapons with the switches (brrt!), i get you sprayed
my dominican diva langostino, cocaína cookin’ (whip! whip! whip!)
gold weed smokin’ (hah)
chopper scar, cold weepin’, my [?] tote heaters (brrt!)
you b+tches stuck on her knees, d+ck eatin’ (woah)
beat the breaks of a knot ’til he stop breathin’ (bow! bow!)
i was raised on the streets, son, i’m not leavin’ (nah!)
slap fire out your b+tch if she start tweekin’, son (ayo, f+ck out my face)

[verse 2: al.divino]
put a hole right through your beanie
houdini, burn the connect like blank cd’s (ah)
from where i’m from, better thank me when you see me (that’s word)
cvv’s off the dark web, feel me? (doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot)
do her ten percent of filthy
pop a wheelie like ducatis
copy bobby brown out your mother’ lobby
need a milli
semi+auto right beside me, nagasaki the whole block
bodies on bodies (bing+bing+bing!)
you hustle like a hobby, wonder why you broke
summersault the coke, sting you like kundalini (doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot+doot)
luchini luciano, never team me
need me like dumps, grant wished like a genie
outside, shout out my gd’s (aha)
broke hoes give me the heebie+jeebies (woof)
goonie [?], you hear me
by myself meetin’ every evenin’ like [?] (yeah)
hard to see me, optical illusion, lord
libaries, hard to read me (it’s hard!)
ready is an understatement, meet me by the loosie spot
speedy gonzales for dollars, not a lot familiar
i get greedy like a fat kid (i need more!)
freak need me like i need a beat from madlib
guns&b+tter, numbers like a math quiz (chi+ching!)
don’t what we adapt, kid, spin you like a racket
ain’t where you from, it’s where you at with it, bet [?]
beats sound like bizzy b [?]
split your wig like fractions, automatic handle biz
dirty hammer from my wiz, from atlanta crib
hold you for ransom, make ’em think it’s random, dance on the benz (that’s word)
[outro: al.divino]
you know i mean? tap dance on that b+tch, man
you know? exponentiation stretchings, you heard?
you know? what we do, man?
you know? turn a seven to a whole one, all that, man
three and a half to a half, you hear me?
sh+t wizardry, boy, the f+ck?

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