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alchexenic – on second thoughts lyrics


on second thoughts

[intro: interlude]

[verse 1]
i think i gave the benefit that i don’t need to doubt
but truth be told i’m lesser known, on the pressure zone back and forth
on a writer’s block tryna break+through, thinking out the box
my head bangs against the wall when it’s back to the drawing board
but ain’t no draft back i’m still here full+fledged. it’s blood, sweat and tears on the comeback, spur in the moment i’m here to run laps
the deep rooted sleek hooded streets and the slum rats
but still on my quest for love sk!ll still black in thought, ah
knowledge of self over evеrything, i been real, i’m too hot i got self+esteem
causе you can only be the best if you can be yourself without a reason
so who you still tryna to find to be? huh?
been tryna live my life through a greater
purpose, meditating just to levitate my spirit
can you feel it?
turn this beat down so they can hear me
got angels in my dome but the devil on my shoulder blade
h+ll is in this physical, and heaven is the mind state
trapped in a loop of disaster, sand escapes the hour+glass in a rapture
as my mind against my heart tryna figure what i’m after, d+mn
ain’t no life without a sacrifice, it’s give and take, that’s true balance
born to die. got old tricks with new talent
i’m from the 90’s era, a goldies baby with my heart and soul
a don materra when i’m on the poem to revolutionize the game
honest when i came on, real talk i stay hard
spellbound my tongue sharp, i’m cuttin’ corners, no shortcut
gotta get back on my focus. this ain’t a hobby, this is life on a day job
been stressed under+current, my flow couldn’t stream at ground zero so i couldn’t blow, now layin’ low
behind closed doors my curtain+raised. lookin’out the window pane
thinking i should give my all, but on second thought
this is to reflect my confidence game, the aim changed
how we move ain’t gotta stress on the way
stayin’ focused on the aim as i measure the game
and i will never change i never wore a chain