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alex auld – textbook lyrics


[verse:alex auld]
f-ck all this sh-t hype
neck and neck with breaking point
tryna not to blow cause am fuming like a crack pipe
recuperating from the losses i’ve had
take the good from the bad cause am pressing harder than the ink to the pad
the writings on the wall and the textbooks
seeing how a cheque looks
busy being focused did you notice notice
ducking down dodging any left hooks
taking time to simmer beefs
plate bigger than whatever the chef cooks
moving like a scalpel
hit harder than nunchucks
dumb f-cks get off of my back
banging on for some options
bodied all the toxins purchased rolling among crooks
on the hunt for a place i can reside in my soul
temper like december i remind you of cold
just better off just staying indoors cause
network media tryna wash out a nigguh brain
busy day dreaming bout who still tell the truth
pessimism setting in tired of the loop
gotta shuffle on when temperament peaking feelings get progressively worse
so i harness the curse
try to balance karma manage snakes like a charmer
work your way backwards while am stuck on reverse
extract as much as i can on this journey so i always go first
none will get close enough break this amour