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alexander orange drink – officer lyrics


call off the system, call up the mission
i’m not resisting arrest this time
if you get the feeling, jump off the ceiling
don’t be embarr-ssed by the things you try
it’s all in your mind that you’re arrested and hip
sometimes i’m fine, sometimes i don’t mind
when i’m shooting from the hip
officer! the authority is you and me
officer! i’m only speaking metaphorically
officer! defenders of the “free for all”
officer! so stay the f-ck out of the dancehall!
last night i was dreaming, glued to the screen and
in the middle of the night i was thinking to myself
it was me and the troops and all the things i’ve been through
looking through a cracked lens from an aerial view
and it was all in my mind, it was quite the trip
there was an angel singing in perfect time
she was right there in the discotech singin’
black kids, white kids purple and oranges
we can’t be divided if the dance floors’ excited
yellow and reds, g-y straight, trans and les
let’s play simon says, “simon says stand united!”
officer! don’t f-ck around with me
just listen closely, the authority is you and me
don’t f-ck around at all
just stay the f-ck out of the dancehall
love trumps all but it’s funny
how moneys’ gonna have us all on call…