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alishas attic – indestructible lyrics



don’t look no more
coz it’ll only make your eyes sore
hey! check out your r.e.m’s
it’s comforting the sanctuary that we have

we argue sometimes and
we fear we put the knife in too deep
but even when madness heeds
it’s only gladness i keep inside

coz we are indestructible
yes we are
and you are my lifeline and
we are indestructible
yes we are

hey, hey, you can be wicked
and you know i can be fickle sometimes too
y’know, maybe you’re my better side
and maybe you annoy me to the point
of where i’m holding this
gun against your head
but i never said
“we have the same free spirit”
tell me will you cry?
don’t cry
(repeat chorus)

mmm, you take me as i am
mister – there’s a little red devil on my shoe
and you always stay real strong
you can take the rough with the smooth
and i know that we forget what we mean to say
too proud sometimes
but i guess we’re only human
(repeat chorus to fade)

writer: poole, karen ann / martin, terence james / mcerlaine, mich-lle lena
lyrics © universal music publishing group, emi music publishing