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alizee – i’m fep up! lyrics


im fed up!
bubbles and water
legs up for hours
my goldfish is under me
to bathe for hours
makes my mouth water
im foamely ecstatic
its not a problem
i lazy round
bubbly and stubborn
i lazy round
melon and water
is just a dream
it makes me wonder
is it a sin?
bubbles and water
legs up for hours
bombs, you keep away from me!
today lying low
twisting up my toes
i swim in such harmony
so what bothers me:
im fed up with loneliness
with my uncle overstressed
fumbling, crawling for something
that never shows, just a dream.
im fed up with creeps crying
over the past, such a sin
not to be cool, but a fool
if i could mess up their rules.
im fed up with your complaints
baby, well im not a saint!
fed up with the rain, the plane
that makes me throw up again.
im fed up with all cynics
bathing caps and all critics
im fed up with being fed up! poor me!
bubbles and water
legs up for hours
my goldfish still under me!
delight of pleasures
aquatic treasures
a place out of misery, my fantasy