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all living fear – no one but you lyrics


no one but you by andy racher

s-xual pleasures of the self,
toys to tempt and things to please me.
look around and help yourself,
but don’t touch if you’ e’ gonna tease me.
emotionally snared by divine enchantmet.
enc-mbering burden twist my whole.
cunning seduction used to profit,
to let you take control.

look down, look around.
you can look where you like,
but you know it will never be found.
turned down.
i can’t belive that you turned me down.

no one but you can bring me sunshine,
no one but you can make me smile.
no one but you inspires a good time.
hang around let it last for a while.

one to many times i’ve longed to touch,
to feel you near me.
took a chance, made my advance,
blew it big, it cost me dearly.
maybe i should bide my time,
think agian when a new sun rises.
think i came on, a little to strong. play

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