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almadrava – time to forget lyrics


you are the daytime, i’m the night.
when there is peace we want to fight.
we are two contraries that need each other,
like heaven needs h-ll,
and like a son a father.

i’m trying to eat soup with a knife.
you’re wearing a lifesuit
when you try to dive.
i love to hide myself up on the stage,
oh! when you try to find your calmness,
walking on the edge.

i see two diffrent ways, it’s to forget it,
or to remember,
i think there is no other way to start.
get free from all your memories of war,
time to surrender.
believe, and future will believe in you

you are the moon, i am the sun.
you walk around, i always run.
i’m the silence, you’re a loud and noisy sound,
i’m the circle of a box,
you’re the corner of a round.

i need you as much as you need me,
if you were not, i wouldn’t be.
so why don’t we call things by their name?
we don’t really understand it,
or we like this cruel game.

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