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alone in the morgue – orificial laceration lyrics


cut the b-tches head off

my fixation on orificial laceration
the removal of your cranium from your shoulders

now a new orifice providing a gaping warm cavern of satisfaction
my excitement arises more as the spewing of plasma washes
upon my brow

fantasies infiltrate my mind
as i have my newest addition
all holes shall be filled
ill be sure to be gentle

ripping and tearing through all your clothes
my antic-p-tion has me on the edge of climax
i can’t contain myself my urges will exploit my weakness for
your naked cold flesh

i take advantage of you with ever breath i take
sodomizing your beautiful dead expressionless face
how i love seeing your head separate from your body
this is voyeurism of a new degree

don’t fail me now your doing great
its natural
erection down your throat
choke on this you f-cking cancerous

now you lie in your own escrements
hacked and slashed headless and
legs spread split apart as i made my wish
your such a beautiful work of art

legs spread split apart as i made my wish
still such a beautiful work of art
the sultry sounds of gurgling
as i saw through your neck
cut the b-tches head off
now watch as i f-ck her skull