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alterak – revenge of the nerds lyrics


[verse 1]
house is blowing up with lean on, lean on the f-cking bowl
everyone who could speak klingon is thrown out of the home with a “qapla”
the star struck fans are p-ssed off, with their hands, they’re trying to crush all their skulls with the force
while they are devising the plan to rise among fad following f-gs, everyone inside is rapping and greeting with dabs
they’re all lit and inside wasted and vomiting on floor, already with the wh-r-s and brought something for them to choke on
all of ’em laughing while telling the jokes of nerds misfortune, while nerds are clapping loud for the plan they had for revenge
most of ’em are wearing a spectacle, with spectacular spider-man t-shirt, fronting like they are the man
got the absolute rage towards the jocks and the bullies, confident truly
(now we got to put the b-lls where it should be!)
said mitch-ll and ron, who got their b-lls swept up on the tall window as a punishment to top the cl-ss of 50
ron said (here’s my plan) and started telling how they can be obliterating the d-mn bullies, while others are commiserating
one of the nerd said (alright, we’re going back to our home and grab all the tools we need, rest and come back after 24)

sometimes we think we have a bad reputation
sometimes we think we are a piece of shit
it’s time to make things right. we’ll make ’em pay this time
it’s the revenge of the nerds

[verse 2]
the next day was kinda interesting. 2 am
everyone partying in the house was in pool, playing fool games
they took a shot for every time someone said something, and still was screaming loud as f-ck, so they’re definitely drunk
spittle of the alcohol, fire it like tiki torches, while nerds secretly broke into the party with serotonin, mucunain and laxatives, and grab some of the lax, throw it into the bowl of alcohol, (how’s that for spiking the punch!)
‘fore the pills get into the action, they went into the bathroom, mixed water supply and tissue with the itching powder
mitch-ll said (the party’s getting started, motherf-ckers, wait till i get the last trick up from my sleeves)
bullies are f-cked, those who could go to john is itchy as f-ck and who could not is acting like they on their pms
ron projected the screen reading (while(strength< [chorus] sometimes we think we have a bad reputation sometimes we think we are a piece of shit it's time to make things right. we'll make 'em pay this time it's the revenge of the nerds [verse 3] now its obvious that nerds are gonna be f-cked, but dunce didn't know that the nerds are still left with one trick up their b-tt once the bullies get to the home, and check all their post, on the social sites, they're appalled to see all the videos (that's it. it's us or them nerds. they're gonna be f-cked so hard, they're gonna think twice 'fore they think twice) but suddenly, everyone's phone started ringing, and their moms said (guess who's got a billionaire boyfriend! he's chairman of this company, he's founder of that company, he's gonna help you take revenge against whoever you want!) (that's cool and all, but who these dudes are?) (well, my boyfriend is mitch-ll and my friend's boyfriend is ron)