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aluca – geeked lyrics


and you mad, b+tch i’m up
i be geeked as f+ck
i told melo roll that blunt, i can’t get enough
b+tch i’m flexing on your broke ass, get your money up
b+tch i’m fighting all these demons
no ian gon’ sober up
that cup in my hand i spill that drank
told twin pour me up
most these n+ggas not on sh+t
man i can show ’em up
slide out in a benz
i got a bag ion need no friends
yea shout out toon yea that’s my mans
you broke as f+ck you ain’t making no plans
yea i got a bag cuz i followed my plan plan
b+tch i’m takin xan xan
oxy till i land land
go crash out i blam blam
shoot it till it, f+ck, jam
makin vert i ram ram
count more bands then uncle sam
b+tch i’m making all dis sh+t yea
if f+ck up ill quit yea
speed run then get rich yea
count up bands then dip

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