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alvin cedric – way up lyrics


[intro: alvin cedric]
i be way up
i be way up

[verse 1: alvin cedric]
moving on fastest, i couldn’t stop ‘cause i had it
i’m on the road and i got it all set
the lord is my witness
i’m on a highway to heaven, no stressing
and you know, god, he a blessing
always alert, my protection
why you looking so demented?
this is all facts, not fiction
i know that i got a mission
i put in that work, yeah
i’m cooking a masterpiece with no kitchen
i been writing, now to give it to the people, all to listen
don’t care if they hating, i got a vision, dreams becoming vivid
i shoot the shot, do not miss it
this is my reason for living
i’m making it independent
it just depends if they listen
yo, he rеmains my boast
on a mission, say a toast
walking on water ain’t normal to most
but this is living water, i don’t need a boat
with evеry breath, it’s him all the time
with every call, it’s him on the line
with every word, it’s him i define
with every detail, it’s him who designed
with every song, it’s him that i write
with every line, it’s him that i rhyme
with every thought, it’s him on my mind
with every search, it’s him that i find
supercharged, i’m in this thing, i’m k!lling the game
trampoline, i jump on the beat, my bars are insane
may take you to higher places but i won’t trade my soul for fame
boy, you crazy for trading your trust for endless chains (yuh)
why you tripping on that sound? (sound)
out of prison, no more bounds (bounds)
out of strength, gotta throw the towel
on the rise, i dropped it+ (pow) wow!
living as a man of true hope
had this thing ‘round my neck as i choked
but he took the rope off my throat
i’m done living dirty, now i got the soap
[chorus: alvin cedric]
i be way up in the skies (yeah)
i be way up, i’m on the rise
i be way up, ain’t coming down (nah)
i be way up, head in the clouds (yeah)
i be way up in the skies (woo)
i be way up, i’m on the rise
i be way up, ain’t coming down (yeah)
i be way up, i’m off the ground

[interlude: miles minnick]
what’s going on everybody?
it’s your boy miles minnick and we going way way way way way up
ayy, big shout out to alvin
you already know what it is, man
you thought pluto was the limit, that ain’t even coming close
you feel me?
way up, let’s go

[verse 2: tuví]
tuví and alvin, you know it’s a classic
dynamic duo, we passing
i got a passion, i gotta cash in
i got an accent, i’m a florida boy
and alvin in france, do my money dance
give thanks to jehovah, know he got a plan
yeah, yeah
we going way up, we in the skies
bendiciones got me live
i stay makin slappers and you know they only for the tribe
oh my my
put on for the 305
boy, you know my god alive, yeah