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alyssa reid – live to tell lyrics


“live to tell”

on the road
holding on to the end of the rope
have you lost your mind?
were you left behind to find your way home?

to cries and lie
six feet deep in lies
can you hold your “now”?
where were you when the lights went down?
and i–i will be right beside you

you’re not alone
there is more to this i know
you will live to tell
you will live to tell

look inside
see the misery deep in your eyes
have you lost yourself?
are you out of tears for the times you cried?

a heart of stone
cold and left alone
can you hold me now?
will you still be here when the lights go down?
and i–i will be right beside you


i’ll do anything you want me to (tell)
when you give it up i’ll be with you (tell)
when you feel afraid i’ll pull you through (tell)
i’ll do anything you need me to (tell)

yeah yeah

[chorus x2]